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About Us

Founded in 2018, Dollar Lash Club is a family run Canadian company. As our company grows, we continue to operate as a small business to serve our shoppers’ needs. Dollar Lash Club’s affordable mink lashes have always been a staple for every makeup lover we know! We’ve now expanded our brand with accessories, and can’t wait to add more!

Our subscription service provides new lashes every month for our loyal Tribe of Unicorns, meaning it’s one less item they have to worry about restocking when they’re out. 

Our goal is to expand our tribe far and wide, and to provide affordable and luxurious lashes to our unicorns around the world. 

We believe in...


As a family-run business, we operate with love and care for our team and our worldwide community, the Tribe of Unicorns.


We believe that beauty comes from within, but give a girl the right pair of lashes and she can conquer the world.


We embrace beauty of all colors, shapes and sizes, and believe that diversity is what makes our Tribe of Unicorns special.


We test all our products and ensure they are made with the utmost quality materials so you can perfect your looks with the best lashes.


Get in touch with us by email or phone 1.833.DLC.LASH - we love to connect with you!