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Certified MUA Program

"Hay" Unicorn sister ... (get it.. hay is for horses but what about unicorns? hmm..)


Anyways, I bet you landed on this page hoping to score a discount code or a freebie of some pretty lashes, right? We have something even better for you as long as you can show us that you are a certified MUA. 

Our gift to you is 10 lashes from ANY of our collections for an affordable price of $40. North Americans only (for now..).

You may call us too generous, but if you can save your clients money while providing them top notch services, while showing off your skills..why not? At the Dollar Lash Club, we believe in a win, win, and win situation for your clients, you, and us. 

E-mail us to take your next step at tina@onedollarlashclub.com