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At the Dollar Lash Club, we offer an assortment of lashes. It's the easiest and fastest way to change up a look. 

We've listened to our Unicorn sisters and have created a one-time purchase of our top selling lashes to help ignite your confidence! The Luxury 7 Pack Lashes are fit for any occasion, so you can still look subtly glam no matter what day or be flirty and cute during a girl's night out! 

Join the Tribe of Unicorns today and get your Luxury 7 Pack  (Retail Price: $64 / Sales Price $40)

Glam Up In Our Top 7 Most Popular Lashes!

Let us introduce you to our lineup: Sydney, Caitlin, Rose, Aurora, Cassie and Sabrina..

The bottom lash is called Ivy... She has not official made her debut but you can purchase her with this special promotion!

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