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June 06, 2018 3 min read

Anyone who is up-to-date with the beauty world knows that there are two popular trends: adhesive lashes and lash extensions.  Both commodities let people have  long, dreamy eyelashes they’ve always wanted but don't have the genetics for! So which one is better? While lash extensions definitely has it's advantages, there are plenty of reasons why adhesive lashes are favorable!  And not just any adhesive lashes, but Dollar Lash Club lashes! Here are 7 benefits of wearing our luxury, mink lashes instead of getting extensions:

1) They're removable

Lash extensions: There comes an awkward stage when the lashes fall out and you’re left with the sparse remains, which can sometimes point in every which way if not properly maintained. If you don’t get them filled, you’re either left with the old, clinging, and twisted lash extensions. You then must visit your lash tech to remove them, or aggressively rub them off yourself with oil.

Dollar Lash Club Mink Lashes:Our lashes are convenient because you apply them when you want, and remove them when you want! The lashes stay intact and ready for reuse if you clean, maintain, and store them correctly! (See, “How to Clean, Maintain, and Store Your Lash Whisker”).

2) They're affordable

Lash extensions: Lash extensions can cost anywhere between $30.00 to $300.00 depending if it’s a fill, what type of set you’re getting, experience of the lash tech, etc. Even though lash extensions can last anywhere between 3 – 6 weeks, the initial and refill cost can be quite expensive. Think of how many lashes you could buy with that money!

Dollar Lash Club Mink Lashes:Our mink lashes cost from $1.00 to $7.00! Even if a pair comes to the end of its life span, the cost to buy another pair is lower than competing adhesive mink lash providers and definitely beats the cost of getting lash extensions done or filled!

3) Freedom to change it up

Lash extensions: You’re pretty much stuck with the lash extensions that you chose unless you get more added or removed which costs time and money!

Dollar Lash Club Mink Lashes:Because you can easily remove and reapply lashes, you have the freedom to change up your looks as you please! We have an assortment of lash styles: whether it be running errands on a regular day, or glowing up for a night out with your squad, there’s a style for any occasion! (Check out our online store)

4) They’re low maintenance

Lash extensions: When you get lash extensions, you must be very careful with your eye area. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your lashes, you must avoid eye make-up and make-up remover that has oil. You must not rub your eyes. You must remember to brush them twice a day.  Also, you need to maintain them by brushing them often and cleaning them with warm soap and water to prevent infection to the eyes!  Some even go as far as showering with goggles on!

Dollar Lash Club Mink Lashes:Adhesive lashes go with any type of make-up, and once your remove your them, you're free to do whatever your please!  You can either periodically clean your lashes to keep it lasting longer (see, “How to Clean, Maintain, and Store Your Lash Whiskers”), or discard it and buy a brand new pair at an affordable price. Application, removal, and storage of our mink lashes is simple!

5) You can sleep worry-free

Lash extensions: You must be sure to not roll around in your sleep, sleep on your face, or accidentally rub your eyes or else you may cause lashes to fall out or they might get stuck pointing in an off direction! This can be extremely difficult for people who naturally sleep on their stomachs or are restless sleepers.

Dollar Lash Club Mink Lashes:All you need to do is remove your lashes before bed, and voila! You’re free to sleep how you please.

6) They're easy to apply

Lash extensions: In order to get lash extensions, you must get them done by a lash tech!

Dollar Lash Club Mink Lashes:Anyone can apply our falsies if you follow these easy steps.

7) Adhesive lashes work with anyone!

Lash extensions: While lash extensions can do wonders for many, the magic can only go so far, especially for those individuals with very sparse and fine eyelashes.  Lash extensions are glued to individual natural lashes, so if you don’t have a lot to work with in the first place, it’s harder to get those wink-worthy lashes!

Dollar Lash Club Mink Lashes:Regardless of your natural lash situation or eye shape, anyone can wear our adhesive mink lashes.  Adhesive lashes are glued onto the individual’s lash line, so even if you have teeny-tiny lashes, this will have no effect on how well our falsies work.


Elaine Ramos
Elaine Ramos

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