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December 03, 2020 3 min read

Mink Lashes vs Synthetic Lashes

Wearing the right lashes will elevate your no-makeup makeup look. Effortless beauty is every girl’s dream, and having well-defined eyelashes will highlight your eyes. If you want a casual look on a busy day, false lashes are every smart girl’s solution. 

There are various false lashes available in the market. The convenience of upgrading your look is a happy place for women. As technology advances, more and more styles and selections are created to cater to every eye and face shape. Hence, it is ideal to select the type of lashes that best fits your unique facial profile.


What are the types of false lashes and how to they compare?

Mink lashes are by far the most popular in rendering a natural look. Made with quality materials with a touch of natural lash textures for a fresher and more natural look. On top of that, it lasts longer in contrast to other kinds of false lash.  

There are various types of mink lashes: silk, mink, and faux mink. These mink lashes are designed and intended for different purposes. The best one for you depends on the kind of lashes you have, the span of time you are going to use them, and the specific look you are going for. 

Mink lashes render a soft and silky feel for more comfort and ease to use. They are lightweight and can be easily attached to your natural eyelashes directly. 


Different Kinds of Mink Lashes


Faux Mink Lashes

Faux mink lashes are human-made lashes that flaunt a slight natural appeal. They can keep their coiling shape for a very long time. Faux mink lashes mimic the quality and looks of the genuine mink lashes. Low maintenance and easy to manage. On top of that, it can be customized to your liking. 


Silk Mink Lashes

Silk mink lashes are slightly heavier than mink and faux mink lashes but not a hassle to wear. Silk mink lashes are ideal for those who have weak and flimsy lashes. It comes with a conventional curl pattern and thicker weight best worn for a special occasion.  


Synthetic Lashes

Almost every lady going on a special date or occasion has picked up synthetic lashes at the nearest beauty store to elevate their looks. It is easy to apply relatively less expensive. Women raved when this beauty enhancer first hit the market. 

It is a go-to solution for a quick rev up and dramatic appeal. Also, it is cheap and easily accessible since it is practically available anywhere. However, synthetic lashes do not appear as natural that mink lashes due to its glossy and shiny finish. It also comes in thicker and broader curls in contrast to mink lashes. 

Moreover, synthetic lashes have a coarse and blunt texture due to the kind of materials it is manufactured with. It is intended for single-use since it can’t hold its coiling shape after one use, while mink lashes can be used multiple times and can maintain its natural look and shape.  


How To Choose the Best Mink Lashes?

First, you must know how much you are willing to spend on mink lashes. Also, determine your eye shape to know what kind of lash extension best suits you to enhance your appearance. It is also vital to know the quality of your natural lashes. You may have weaker lashes, thicker lashes, or more sensitive lashes. Either way, it is essential to assess your wants, needs, and eyelash quality before deciding on a purchase. 

Synthetic lashes may be cheap and convenient, but if you desire to wear false lashes on a daily basis, then it will be ideal for you to buy mink lashes. For a more natural appeal while keeping your lashes safe from any synthetic materials that can eventually damage your eyesight, mink lashes are the better options. Thus, it is always best to invest in quality mink lashes rather than buying a cheap synthetic lashes that can potentially become harmful.


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Kitty Yu
Kitty Yu

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