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December 03, 2020 3 min read

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyelashes are the Roman shades. To be able to see the best picture, perfectly curled eyelashes are the way to go. 

Curling your eyelashes does not take more than five minutes. If you do the process correctly, there will be little to no damage that occurs. Curling your eyelashes will accentuate your natural eye shape and will give you a fresher look. It will render an exotic look while elongating your eyes for more visual appeal. 

If you want to achieve an effortless beauty through your eyes, note these tips and tricks from Dollar Lash Club. Doing your makeup typically starts with foundations, blush-on, and eyeshadows while eyelashes and lipstick always come last. If you are to use eyeliners, it is ideal to use a waterproof one to avoid tacky smudges around the eye area. 


5 Tips on Curling Eyelashes

Clean Your Lashes 

It is a protocol to have a clean face before applying make-up. Clean lashes are required before coiling. It is essential to clean your lashes thoroughly to prevent damage and to first and foremost, eradicate oil residues that hinder the best curls. You can use micellar water or eye makeup remover to thoroughly clean your lashes. 

Choosing Your Curling Tool

There are various types of eyelash curlers and each is designed for specific eye shapes. Having the right tool will guarantee that all of your lashes even the smallest one gets into the curler. Identify your eye shape and find the curler that best suits you.

Heating Your Curler With Hairdryer

If you want to achieve well-defined curls in your lashes, heating your curler with a hairdryer set to a mild warmth is effective. This trick is the same as using a battery-powered curler that can mold your lashes into a perfect coiling shape.  However, make sure that it is only slightly warm to the touch to avoid burning your lashes or your eyelids. 

Upward Motion Grip

After choosing the appropriate tool, clamp your lashes from the roots but avoid your skin. Press the curler down with pressure and pulse it twice. Then, slowly rotate your wrist so you can bend the curler upward towards your forehead. Hold it for a few seconds and repeat the process as desired. The combination of turning and pressure is one effective way to achieve lifted curls. On the other hand, if you are using false lashes, it is best to apply your false lashes first, so you get cohesive curls in your natural and false lashes. 

Eyelash Curling Without Curlers

If you are not into using tools, you can also achieve those beautiful curls without using curlers. Just simply press your lashes up against the curved side of the spoon and follow the techniques mentioned above. It is important to carefully and slowly do it to avoid losing some of your lashes. There is so much caution required when doing this technique, but then if you get the hang of it, there is no need for you to use curlers.

Another technique is to apply mascara first to hold the shape you want. Just slowly press your lashes up with your finger and hold that position for several seconds. 

After curling your lashes, it is ideal to use a waterproof mascara to hold the curls in place for longer periods. As much as possible, if you have naturally straight eyelashes, water-based mascara is not the way to go. It can’t hold the curl for long. Hence, the waterproof formula is your best bet. 


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Kitty Yu
Kitty Yu

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