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September 17, 2020 4 min read

How To Make Eyelashes Grow

Eyelashes protect the eyes from dust particles and other tiny elements that can cause scratches and infections to the eyes. Long and healthy eyelashes do not only accentuate the beauty of every girl’s eyes and facial features, but are also a good sign that your eyes are well-protected.

Not everyone is blessed with long and curly lashes, but not to worry, there are natural remedies and techniques for achieving longer and healthier lashes. 

Dollar Lash Club offers affordable luxury lashes that won't break the bank delivered monthly. Read on to learn how to make your lashes grow naturally more than eight different ways.

Looking to try out false lashes? Our luxury false eyelashes, mink lashes, and magnetic eyelashes will be your best bet of achieving a fabulous look while you work on growing your eyelashes naturally through some of the methods described below.


Popular Ways to Naturally Grow Eyelashes: 


1. Use a Spooly to Comb Your Lashes

Combing can significantly improve blood circulation in your eyelids and help make your eyelashes grow. Lash combing can greatly help stimulate hair growth when done consistently. 

How to do it: Preferably, use an eyelash curler or recycle an old brush from your old mascara. If you are using a recycled brush, make sure that no residues of mascara are left on the surface. If you have liquid vitamin E, use a few drops and then comb your eyelashes for approximately 5 minutes. Do it twice a day for faster results. 


2. Essential Oil Application

Different essential oils have different benefits. Castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are a few that help maintain and grow healthy eyelashes. Oils contain fatty acids that provide nutrition to the follicles. 

How to do it:  Drop an essential oil on your lash curler, clean brush, or finger. Apply the oil to your eyelashes right before you sleep. You can customize your application by combining two essential oils, or you can use one if desired. 


3. Moisturizing with Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is known for giving moisture to dry skin while soothing it. Thus, using petroleum jelly as a moisturizer for your dry lashes is an easy way to grow longer and healthier lashes. 

How to do it: Apply a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly to your eyelashes before going to sleep. You can use a curler or your clean fingers to gently massage and spread the petroleum jelly onto your lashes. Just make sure that it doesn’t get into your eyes and wash your face when you wake up. 


4. A Healthy Diet

Your diet plays a significant factor in grow healthy-looking eyelashes.  A lack of vitamins in your system will diminish your glow, which results in dullness. A balanced diet will not only promote beauty from the inside but also on the outside. Making your eyelashes grow will come easy with a well-balanced diet with enough vitamins and minerals.

How to do it: Eat foods that contain a lot of vitamins and fatty acids. You can munch on nuts, fruits, and a bowl of fresh vegetable salad to keep your eyelashes thriving and healthy. Also, fishes, meat, and eggs can increase the growth of your eyelashes.  


5. The Green Tea Application

Green tea is known for its antioxidants and vitamins. It is not only ideal for tea time with your girlfriends but it is also one of the best applications to make your eyelashes grow. Green tea is also one of the most common elements used for cosmetics intended for hair growth treatments.

How to do it: 

Make a strong cup of your favorite green tea and let it cool for a while. After, use a cotton pad and rub it onto your lashes two times daily. 


6. The Aloe Vera Application

Aloe Vera is one of the most excellent natural remedies for beauty rejuvenation and can help enhance your eyelash growth. Aloe Vera contains vitamins that promotes eyelash strengthening and boosts hair nutrients.

How to do it: Cut a fresh leaf of Aloe Vera, squeeze out the juice, and gently rub it on your eyelashes. It works best if left overnight. Wash your lashes when you wake up in the morning. For more rampant eyelash growth, Aloe Vera and castor or olive oil mix well together. 


7. The Gentle Massage

A gentle massage around your eye circles will improve circulation and hair growth. It helps improve blood flow around the eye area and leads to effective eyelash growth stimulation.

How to do it: With clean hands, apply a small amount of essential oil you desire and gently massage your eyelids down to your eyelashes. Do this for about five minutes and repeat it at least four times a week. 


8. Face Cleansing 

Leaving your makeup on before you sleep can cause pimples and blemishes on your skin. One of the ways you can ensure your eyelashes grow is to make sure to remove your makeup, especially your mascara, before going to sleep. It can significantly damage your lashes and prevent lash growth.  

How to do it: Use essential oils or petroleum jelly to remove your makeup altogether. Use a clean cloth or cotton balls with petroleum jelly or a drop of essential oils to remove your mascara thoroughly. After, it will also be ideal to wash your face twice to make sure no residue is left. 


More Tips To Make Your Eyelashes Grow

Eyelashes can fall out easily. Most of us gals unintentionally pull our eyelashes when scratching our eyes. If you want more defined facial features with your gorgeous lashes, save your lashes from falling out as much as you can. 

Create a routine for making your eyelashes grow. Practice applying essential oils and other remedies to earn beautiful and healthy lashes. 

A person loses on average four lashes a day. If you happen to notice you have been losing more than this every day, it could be a sign of damage in your thyroid gland; thus, it is best to check with a physician. 

No treatment can bring you full lashes overnight. It takes patience to achieve the look that you want. It could take months or years, depending on your dedication. While you work on growing your natural lashes, try out some of our highly reviewed lashes at Dollar Lash Club.

Kitty Yu
Kitty Yu

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